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Terms of use The Application

Please read the terms of use for this app


The AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer app has a 7 day free trial period once installed on your smart TV to test the functionality of the app. Device ID, Device Key and URL are essential for the proper functioning of the app.

AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer does not provide any content or subscriptions.

The content and subscriptions provided under the AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer name constitute fraud.AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer declines all responsibility for any use of fraudulent content.

The  AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer application or to which it is entitled cannot be held responsible for the quality or interruptions of the content used on AllPlayer MediaPlayer,

AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer provides only a media player.

AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer app does not provide any advertising for content providers.

Supported AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer devices can be activated after a one-time purchase of (€ 8.00 ) once per year.

After accepting the above conditions, no refund will be granted under any circumstances.

Note: If you use a stolen card, your identification will be prohibited and its IP address will be reported.

AllPlayer BEST MediaPlayer only provides a media player.

This price includes an activation code plus an activation service plus Paypal fees

Please note: this is a multimedia player.
No content is included in the app.

AllPlayer app est un lecteur multimédia général et n’inclut aucune liste de lecture,vous devez télécharger vos propres
listes de lecture.
Les développeurs de AllPlayer  ne sont pas Responsables du contenu que vous téléchargez sur l’application

Note: AllPlayer does not provide contents and it is pure media player. To use AllPlayer , you have to upload your own playlist. If you have not playlist, then you can’t use AllPlayer  anymore so in this case do not pay. Also we are not allowing activation for the users that don’t have own playlist.



Available On

Activate AllPlayer  Smart TVs and supported devices can be activated after paying a one-time fee of € 8.00 per TV/device. To avoid delaying activation, there is no need to wait for the trial version to expire if everything is working fine for you. Use the panel to instantly wake up your TV/device very important! Please don't pay if you don't have any channels to use with the app (there are no channels with activation payment) or if something doesn't work for you, because paying won't solve any of those problems. You will not be refunded if you do this. No channels are provided with activation, you must add your own channels. No information will be given, you can have a playlist that works for your needs. Please do not ask for channels even if you have activated your device.

Welcome To AlliptvPlayer BEST MediaPlayer

alliptvplayer available on Samsung up 2020. available on LG up 2016

AllPlayer available on smart TV and Android Box 
This is an application that will allow you to enjoy TV directly on your device.

AllPlayer ACTIVATION BEST MediaPlayer

Please note that this app will not allow you to watch TV from the app at all. with AllPlayer you will have to look for playlists, lists of channels to integrate them into this application. The latter has a player capable of streaming these channels.


AllPlayer Activation



Smart TVs and supported devices can be activated after a one-12 M of 6.00 EUR for each TV/device.
To avoid activation delays! AllPlayer  BEST MediaPlayer , there is no need to wait until the trial version expires if everything is working fine for you. Use the panel below to activate your TV/device instantly, in automatic mode.

Very important! Please DO NOT pay if you don't have any channels to use with the application (no channels are provided with activation payment) or if something is not working for you, because the payment won't solve any of these problems. And you will not be refunded if you do.

AllPlayer  BEST MediaPlayer NO CHANNELS are provided with activation, you have to add your own. No information will be provided, where you can get a working playlist for your needs. Please don't ask about channels even if you activate your device.

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AllPlayer Activation for 12 Months


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AllPlayer Activation

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12 Months, LIFETIME

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